I notice that the name they gave us is wrong: the unvaccinated.

That means people who were not vaccinated. But we

Did not not get vaccinated on the account of there being an insufficient number of doses. Nor did we

Refuse to be vaccinated even when there were a sufficient number of doses.

No, we decided to be not injected. We are the uninjected. We are the persecuted, the officially rejected1.


But none of us

Will continue to be called the uninjected. The final name

Is yet ungiven.

As you can see, it bothers me that the Ministry of Truth’s definitions of “vaccination” and “vaccine” have been changed. Therefore I took the liberty, above, to select and re-write a few lines of the poem On the label emigrant (1939) by B. Brecht, originally in D. Constantine and T. Kuhn’s translation. The photo is of the actor Scott Ryan who plays Ray Shoesmith in the Australian TV Show Mr Inbetween.