There are people who took it and other people who didn’t. There is a man in a complicated situation and he gets to a conclusion. Casual sex is no longer…
Unnoticed would be the vaccinators, those scoundrels, shaking one another’s hand over the dead life of non-existent arms.

December 2022

The Flying Fish brings you an unofficial translation of Maestro Giorgio Agamben’s recent column on Quodlibet

September 2022

[Written in the Polish language] Przesiądź się na rower. Lodowce już podchodzą pod nasz dom...
So let it be injected in words so tearful: She’s gone, and we are left behind and mournful! Each hour that strikes is emptier than before, Now that…

August 2022

’T looked like a lame-ass party but there was drinking and there was blow so she said she would take a drug test and... (A 5-minute read.)
A piece of critical intelligence and absolute clarity, to be read and re-read in order to better live in this society that distracts us from the…
The ontological horror of ‘fake fake’ in three fictional stories, with introductions. (A 15-minute read.)

July 2022

[Written in the Polish language] Tyrania intymności psycho-logizuje i persona-lizuje, nawet tzw. polityka nie może się wymknąć z jej szponów
The disease-fighter says he’s reflecting on how he wants to be remembered

June 2022

Hans-Georg Gadamer: His two redefinitions place his philosophical hermeneutics in bright and accessible light