Teaching yoga is impossible; that is why it is difficult
Written by Italo Calvino in 1943, this little story can be ingested in 3 minutes
[Written in Polish] Uwaga! Pierwszym obowiązkiem zdrowego obywatela są codzienne ćwiczenia.
In the times of orchestrated plagues and coerced mass consumptions, this short story by Philip K. Dick is a sobering read
– Salwador! – Pies usłyszał wołanie, ale nosem był w misce.
From Illich to Babich and Nietzsche’s Schopenhauer to an Educator (as a) Friend
I can hear you saying: He talks of violence. He understands nothing of it. He has never been violent
When she comes over, they sit on the sofa, talk, have a couple of Bombay-tonics 
When the boy suddenly died...
The distressed are willing to oppress the un-distressed so that the un-distressed become distressed
What if... whoever chose to be a leader chose to be beheaded in the not too distant future?
I notice that the name they gave us is wrong: the unvaccinated